Tips and Tricks on How to Live a CFNM lifestyle!

For more than five years I have been leading a CFNM lifestyle. Lots of women like playing with naked guys but are too shy to do it openly. I will show you how to get into real life CFNM situations.

Gracie Glam

2 October, 2014

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Live Show Please from PureCFNM

Russ has just finished chatting to some female pals on cam but presses the wrong button and leaves the cam on. Because of this his four lady friends enjoy a great view of him stripping naked for his bath. Take a look at the trailer here to see what happens when he comes out of the bath and they see him recline on the bed and masturbateinto a sock! The women turn on the microphone and clap him, sending him into a panic. They assure him they won’t tell anyone what they observed providing he comes round to their house immediately and provides them with a live viewing. Each of the four females then have a feel of his dick, milking and blowing it until he erupts across Georgie’s face!

I’m going to leave my video chat on intentionally if this is the result! Being wanked and blown by four gorgeous women and treated like their sexual play thing. Kill me now I’m in utopia! More from PureCFNM here.

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Stripper Audition from PureCFNM

Three women are auditioning prospective male strippers for their nightclub but so far the guys have beenterrible. Next up is handsome stud Alexei and they immediately fancy him. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs as he takes his clothes off and shows off his toned stomach, the girls get all excited and begin fondling hisphysique. When his pants is lowered they look wide-eyed at his cock before leaping on it, milking and licking him until he ejaculates all over himself. The lust-crazed girls then take turns to lick the jizz off his tummy before telling him to get cleaned up as he opens the show tonight!

You just can’t stop a group of females if they notice a male they desire. They will literally tear his clothes off his body to get to his dick. Even when this man had blown his load they still hadn’t had enough and drank all the spunk from his six-pack, desperate not to miss a drop. There’s more from these same ladies at PureCFNM. Click here to view them now!

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Not On Camera from PureCFNM

Tasha has featured in a couple of CFNM movies watching various naked boys getting milked. Today she walks into thePure building asking for some more shoots but is told the places for girls who won’t touch are very rare. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what occurs as she confides that she had thought of getting more intimate with thenude males but couldn’t do it on camera. Pure’s production manager tells her there is only her and him in his office and strips off and displays his erection! She begins milking and then swallowing it until he blows a huge load all over her face. If only she knew that the cameras are NEVER off at PureCFNM!

It’s so rare to see a pure lady in porn these days. So seeing this female’s transformation through her PureCFNM films is fantastic. From nervous, shy watcher to full blown cock sucker! Her transformation is spell-binding and seriously horny. See the rest of her videos at PureCFNM now.

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Steroid Abuse from PureCFNM

A concerned keen bodybuilder is visiting his physician as he is nervous about the downsides of the steroids he istaking. Watch the sample clip here to see what happens as the female doctor has a nurse sit in on the consultation and they tell him to take his clothes off and get on the examination table so they can check him over. When they stand there merely staring at him they are shocked when his dick grows from limp to completely hard within a flash -just by the ladies looking at it! The women become so amazed that they want to see what takes place if they wank it and he is soon experiencing a massive explosion all over their hands!

CFNM with two beautiful nurses, can it get any hornier than that? Lying naked while two ladies in nurses tunics play with your dick would 100% make me spunk everywhere in minutes. Click here to see more from PureCFNM now.

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Sex Doll Humiliation from PureCFNM

Brooklyn loves dominating guys so this evening she has invited two pals round to laugh at her current slave boy. Jeremy is told to take all his clothes off in front of the ladies and then jerk off while they belittle him. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place when Brooklyn then fetches a toy sheep and makes him shove his penisup its ass and hump it. The ladies erupt with laughter at how ridiculous he looks and take pictures and videos on their cellphones, threatening to send it to every girl who knows him. They then finish him off by jerking him off until the sad fucker explodes [all over|on]] Brooklyn’s hands.

Could you suffer a ton of humiliation if it led to a handjob off three horny babes? How about realizing that three women have videos of you totally exposed and are planning to distribute them? If that idea arouses you, click here to see more from PureCFNM now.

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Tiffany Taylor

28 August, 2014

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Long Distance Cumshot from PureCFNM

Adele is showing off about how her boyfriend can cum five times every night in the sack. Not wanting to be outclassed, Mishka announces that her other half’s cumshot is so large that he could hit a object three meters away. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what happens when Adele labels her untruthful. Mishka decides to prove it, calling him up and dragging him back from the club. As soon as he strolls in she talks him into helping her out and she takes all his clothes off to the amusement of Adele. The two girls then each have a go to play with and then lick his cock until he becomes so aroused that he erupts spurt after spurt of jizz right across the room. Adele will never doubt Mishka again!

There’s nothing like the look on a woman’s face when she is impressed or shocked by a male’s cumshot. That look of sheer horniness as a huge eruption takes place before her very eyes, it’s really horny. No site does it better than PureCFNM, so click here to view more from them now.

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Carpet Stain from PureCFNM

Kane is house-sitting for friends when he loses control and ejaculates all over the rug while having a quick tug. He calls the cleaning company and to his horror they dispatch two women to take care of the mess. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as they sniff and sample the problem area attempting to discover what it is. When the boy eventually confesses that it is jizz they inform him the only method of removing it is fresh semen. He takes his clothes off and they look open-mouthed at his large penis. The sight of him jacking off makes them so turned on that they take over and give him a double blowjob until he cums on the rug again!

He looked really self conscious as the females questioned him at the beginning but once he confessed, the ladies seemed more fascinated by his cock than his accident. Their looks of wonder when he took off his pants were a real picture! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Police Blowbang from PureCFNM

Policewomen Nadia and Mercedes have three suspects in a recent attack on a local female. None of the suspectswill say anything but some physical evidence has been left at the crime location so Mercedes hatches a cunning way of sucking out the DNA from the suspects. Watch the sample clip here to watch what takes place as she gets them totake all their clothes off in front of them. She then forces WPC Nadia to kneel at their feet and suck them all off. Mercedes moves from cock to cock stroking their dicks as Nadia tastes them and before long all three dicks jizz across Nadia’s spunk-covered face. Mercedes then scrapes the cum off so she can prove which one of them performed the attack.

All three men spunked their loads over this beautiful teen policewoman in such quick succession that she barely had the opportunity to catch he breath before the next jet of spunk hits her face. Fantastic scene and a really sexy CFNM video!

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