Tips and Tricks on How to Live a CFNM lifestyle!

For more than five years I have been leading a CFNM lifestyle. Lots of women like playing with naked guys but are too shy to do it openly. I will show you how to get into real life CFNM situations.

Blindfold Wank Show from PureCFNM

James is preparing himself for a wank in private and decidesto close himself off to his thoughts so he dons some headphones and covers his eyes. As a result he can’t hear Bluebell enters and discover him totally exposed – or her hurry off to fetch her friends. The three females think it is hysterical that they are staring at him jerking off and they grab their phones to take pictures of the moment. Watch the sample clip here to view what happens as they then surprise him and he is horrified. When they crouch on the floor and give him a threeway tug job he quickly ignores his humiliation and cums into their hands!

I really liked the part in this scene where the women reach for their phones and record him wanking. It’s seriously horny to see babes so excited about filming a nude guy. Their reward was a nice large cumshot. Click here for more from PureCFNM.

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Nerd Overpowered from PureCFNM

Nerdy Sean can only laugh when he overhears the silly remarks ofthree gorgeous ladies at the art gallery. He attempts to give them some art tips but only manages to upset them, angering them to the stage that they pounce on him. Take a look at the trailer here to view what occurs when the ladies decide to show him they are NOT the softer sex and strip him naked before giving him a sound spanking. They poke at his flaccid cock and chain his wrist to the table with his own belt before each having a go to jerk his penis. It becomes larger and he then shoots all over himself much to their amusement!

Those ass smacks appeared as if they seriously hurt but this guy quickly got over the CFNM humiliation when the babes turned him over and took hold of his cock. These females are so gorgeous it’s not a surprise he shot his load for them! Click here to see more like this from PureCFNM now.

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Tiffany Tyler

10 December, 2014

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Sex Ed 101 from PureCFNM

Miss Lyall is teaching her class about sex education but they are confused bythe technical minutiae so she calls Josh forward to give a practical show. To the students’ surprise she takes all his clothes off and starts jerking and sucking his dick. Take a look at the trailer here to view what happens as she then asks each of the female students to have a stroke and taste of their own. Finally Miss Lyall removes her panties and straddles Josh’s cock, screwing him to an orgasm before getting on all fours and making him hump her doggy style. As he gets near he withdraws and ejaculates across her bum as his female classmates look on in amazement!

This teacher is so beautiful I would do anything to fuck her. But the thought of doing it in front of three other hot women who also want to have a go at swallowing my cock . . it’s every guy’s dream! Click here for more dreams come true from PureCFNM.

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Scratch Marks from PureCFNM

Nadia is explaining to her friend Savannah that she is worried her boyfriend is being unfaithful. Savannah asks whether she has found any evidence such as scratch marks or lipstick so as soon as he walks in the ladies decide to find out. Watch the trailer here to watch what takes place when they tug his jumper off and are appalled to notice a huge scratch mark across his back. They remove the remainder of his clothes to discover if there are some more and check his dick for remnants of love bites. As his dick starts to grow the two women all of a sudden develop lust in their expressions and give him a mind-blowing dual blowjob until he ejaculates on Nadia’s beautiful young face.

This scene contains one of the best blowjobs ever made. These two babes are really getting off with each other and his cock is just caught up in the middle of it – it’s unbelievable. Full on lesbian kissing with a penis shoved between their lips. It’s no surprise PureCFNM is the internet pace setter in Clothed Female Naked Male, click here for more from them now.

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Fucking Machine from PureCFNM

Two girls are making fun about the stupid bastard at work who has acrush on her. She believes he will do whatever she asks so they ask the poor boy to come round and completely undress while they make fun of him. They wank his cock until it is fully erect and then reveal Lola’s slightly modified masturbation device! Watch the sample clip here to view what occurs as they jam his stiff dick into the Fleshlight and start using the machine! The ladies are crying with laughter as they fiddle with the power with which the device fucks his cock but they end up taking his cock out and milk him to a huge cumshot themselves to prove that you can’t beat a woman’s hand!

How degrading to have two ladies in charge of a machine that is pounding your dick and laughing their heads off as they do it. Playing with your arousal like a dog with a bone! Looking at his orgasm, this wanker didn’t mind it though. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Toilet Selfie from PureCFNM

Brian is receiving messages from a woman on Snapchat. When she asks him to post her a naked selfie he tip toes into the gents toilet to record it. Unknown to him, the messages are in fact from a girl co-worker and three of the office girls peer above the top of the cubicle and see him take his clothes off and then taking pictures of himself. Watchthe trailer here to view what occurs when they burst out laughing and he is discovered red-handed. They offer not to tell anyone on the condition that he lets them in and the women then have a go themselves, stroking his dick and recording photos of him until he has a big ejaculation over Wendy’s wrist!

Gee whizz this man had a giant ejaculation but no wonder with these three stunners jacking him off. A wonderful combination of MILF, mature and young babes all wanting your penis. It’s enough to make any man spurt his load – exactly like the rest of the movies from PureCFNM – click here to watch them!

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Mixed Changing from PureCFNM

A group of girlsgirls and males turn up at a nearby college for a swimming gala. They find out that the swimming pool has unisex changing rooms. The boys are quite nervous but eventually agree, dreaming they will get a sight of their breasts. Unfortunately the girls have planned ahead and already have on their swimsuits beneath their tunics. Watch the sample clip here to see what occurs when the males spin around and the hotties burst out laughing as they see their cocks. When the lads shield themselves in embarrassment the hotties feel sorry for them and get on their knees to suck them both off – each hottie receiving a torrent of cum!

I remember the things we used to get up to at college just to see a pair of jugs. These lads received more than they planned for to start with but it worked out OK eventually as they had their first ever oral sex. Click here to see more fortunate boys being jerked and sucked by groups of hotties at PureCFNM.

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Kenna Kane

6 November, 2014

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Tented Trousers from PureCFNM

Well respected topless model Beth is shocked when tog Brian has a clear erection in his thin trousers in themiddle of their shoot. Take a look at the trailer here to view how hysterical her expressions of surprise are at the tent in his pants! When she challenges him about it afterwards he denies it until she tells him to take his pantsdown and let her see the evidence – which he eagerly does! She is appalled and turns to get dressed, only to find him jacking off behind her. She fetches her phone and tells him to keep going, capturing him in full glory on video so she can display it to her model buddies. She taunts him as he wanks, challenging him to cum in front of her – so he complies!

This lady doesn’t do anything with guys so it is an amazing and rare opportunity to see her with a naked penis exploding its thick semen before her very eyes! Her facial expressions throughout the whole scene are wonderful CFNM, another success from the PureCFNM website.

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