Tips and Tricks on How to Live a CFNM lifestyle!

For more than five years I have been leading a CFNM lifestyle. Lots of women like playing with naked guys but are too shy to do it openly. I will show you how to get into real life CFNM situations.

Sex Doll Humiliation from PureCFNM

Brooklyn loves dominating guys so this evening she has invited two pals round to laugh at her current slave boy. Jeremy is told to take all his clothes off in front of the ladies and then jerk off while they belittle him. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place when Brooklyn then fetches a toy sheep and makes him shove his penisup its ass and hump it. The ladies erupt with laughter at how ridiculous he looks and take pictures and videos on their cellphones, threatening to send it to every girl who knows him. They then finish him off by jerking him off until the sad fucker explodes [all over|on]] Brooklyn’s hands.

Could you suffer a ton of humiliation if it led to a handjob off three horny babes? How about realizing that three women have videos of you totally exposed and are planning to distribute them? If that idea arouses you, click here to see more from PureCFNM now.

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Tiffany Taylor

28 August, 2014

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Long Distance Cumshot from PureCFNM

Adele is showing off about how her boyfriend can cum five times every night in the sack. Not wanting to be outclassed, Mishka announces that her other half’s cumshot is so large that he could hit a object three meters away. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what happens when Adele labels her untruthful. Mishka decides to prove it, calling him up and dragging him back from the club. As soon as he strolls in she talks him into helping her out and she takes all his clothes off to the amusement of Adele. The two girls then each have a go to play with and then lick his cock until he becomes so aroused that he erupts spurt after spurt of jizz right across the room. Adele will never doubt Mishka again!

There’s nothing like the look on a woman’s face when she is impressed or shocked by a male’s cumshot. That look of sheer horniness as a huge eruption takes place before her very eyes, it’s really horny. No site does it better than PureCFNM, so click here to view more from them now.

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Carpet Stain from PureCFNM

Kane is house-sitting for friends when he loses control and ejaculates all over the rug while having a quick tug. He calls the cleaning company and to his horror they dispatch two women to take care of the mess. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as they sniff and sample the problem area attempting to discover what it is. When the boy eventually confesses that it is jizz they inform him the only method of removing it is fresh semen. He takes his clothes off and they look open-mouthed at his large penis. The sight of him jacking off makes them so turned on that they take over and give him a double blowjob until he cums on the rug again!

He looked really self conscious as the females questioned him at the beginning but once he confessed, the ladies seemed more fascinated by his cock than his accident. Their looks of wonder when he took off his pants were a real picture! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Police Blowbang from PureCFNM

Policewomen Nadia and Mercedes have three suspects in a recent attack on a local female. None of the suspectswill say anything but some physical evidence has been left at the crime location so Mercedes hatches a cunning way of sucking out the DNA from the suspects. Watch the sample clip here to watch what takes place as she gets them totake all their clothes off in front of them. She then forces WPC Nadia to kneel at their feet and suck them all off. Mercedes moves from cock to cock stroking their dicks as Nadia tastes them and before long all three dicks jizz across Nadia’s spunk-covered face. Mercedes then scrapes the cum off so she can prove which one of them performed the attack.

All three men spunked their loads over this beautiful teen policewoman in such quick succession that she barely had the opportunity to catch he breath before the next jet of spunk hits her face. Fantastic scene and a really sexy CFNM video!

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Displayed For Wife's Friends from PureCFNM

Adele is midway through her Anne Summers party when her other half walks in early from the club.He disappears to his room but she chooses to seek his assistance in creating some sales to her pals. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place as she convinces him to wear one of the tiny men’s thongs she is attempting to peddle. But as he models it for the girls they can’t help laughing their heads off as one of his balls flops out of the side! The girls then tear off the thong, giggling at his embarrassment, and then start feeling his penis. They each have a go to play with him and Adele then sucks his cock until he explodes across her face!

This man was forced to suffer pleasure and pain in this movie. The pain was the humiliation of donning a tiny thong in front of his girlfriend’s friends. But the pleasure was then in being pantsed and stroked and sucked by them all. Definitely worth it if you ask me . .

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Schoolgirls Spying from PureCFNM

Two pervy coeds have uncovered a peep hole into the men’s changing room. After seeing Billy strip nakedthey agree that they want a nearer look at his cock and burst in to confront him. Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place as they convince him to give them a flash of his dick and as soon as they begin stroking ithe gets a stiffie. Unknown to them, teacher Miss Ryder also frequents the spyhole and fingers herself as she stares at the girls playing with the young lad. When Alexis gives him a blowjob he soon has a huge orgasm in her face. Miss Ryder then walks in and commands Billy to report to her office so she can have a turn!

Defenceless Billy’s young testicles aren’t ready for these insatiable females. First two insatiable schoolgirls wish to suck his cock and then their MILF lecturer wants a turn! We feel sorry for him . . right? Want to watch more from PureCFNM, click here now!

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Krystal Benz

24 July, 2014

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Neighborhood Watch from PureCFNM

When the local Neighborhood Watch treasurer comes across a female gang drawing graffiti he says he willcall the police. But the lively females trap him against the wall and begin threatening him. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs when they then decide to humiliate him and begin tugging his clothes off until he is naked. They confiscate his mobile and take pictures as they take turns to suck his penis, threatening to show them to his wife. The mouths of four young women quickly has Colin very excited and he jizzes across Jaye’s beautiful young face. Mean girl Carla then hits send and the revealing pictures are heading to his other half!

This geek was only attempting to do the right thing but woe betide any male who challenges a group of four ladies. They helped themselves to his dick and there was nothing he could do about it. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Converted To Exhibitionism from PureCFNM

While on a studio session, glamour model Tasha tells the the photographer that she is an exhibitionist. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when the photographer jokes that he should try it himself some time. When Tasha tells him that her pastime is taking pictures she convinces him to pose for her. Before the poor guy knows what is going on, the conniving female has him completely undressed. His cock begins growing without him even touching it and soon gets erect. She obviously enjoys it though and instructs him to wank as she takes photos. As soon as she asks him to squirt for her he does so as she giggles and snaps more photos of the spunky dick!

This is quite a rare CFNM clip. A movie in which a beautiful young girl, not a silicone-breasted pornstar, gets more and more intrigued and aroused whilst watching a guy strip and wank for her. Realistic CFNM like this can only be seen at PureCFNM.

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