Tips and Tricks on How to Live a CFNM lifestyle!

For more than five years I have been leading a CFNM lifestyle. Lots of women like playing with naked guys but are too shy to do it openly. I will show you how to get into real life CFNM situations.

I regularly travel up to the city by train. I pass the time by looking out the window, reading a magazine listening to my music on headphones. But one day recently I found something very different to pass the time. It was about 11am so well outside the commuter rush hour and the train wasn’t busy at all. I was sitting near the aisle as my bag was on the window seat next to me. A very pretty girl in her early 20s got on at the next station and sat a few rows up from me, also in the aisle seat. She looked so young and sexy with her short skirt and heels on that I couldn’t help staring - obviously too much because as she turned to sit down she caught me staring at her beautiful legs. I hurriedly looked away but knew I had been busted.

I still couldn’t help myself though as she was so sexy and as she looked out the window I found myself staring at her again and ogling her beautiful legs – was it my imagination or did her skirt seem to be riding higher and higher as she moved her legs around casually? I could almost see her knickers between her legs and I felt myself getting a major hard-on in my trousers. I was so consumed with trying to see up her skirt that I didn’t notice the full on tent I had created in my trousers and when she turned back from the window – catching me staring again – she looked down and I saw her mouth open in shock. Shit! I knew she had seen the tent in my trousers and I was incredibly embarrassed, not to mention very nervous that she might get really annoyed at me staring at her and then getting aroused. I tentatively looked over at her again to check she wasn’t about to call the conductor or anything but to my amazement, she smiled! She raised her eyebrow provocatively and smiled at me! She then started slowly opening her legs wider while giggling and pointing at my groin. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Not only could I nearly see her panties now but she was clearly enjoying the attention my throbbing erection was giving her.

She gestured to me that I should rub the front of my trousers and I eagerly did so as she playfully showed me a bit more leg and almost a glimpse of her knickers. My cock was very evident now and I showed her the bulge in my trousers which made her giggle some more. I noticed the head of an older woman sitting a few rows past her but she was on the window side and wouldn’t have been able to see what was going on so I felt the situation was still under control. Again to my shock the young girl then gestured that I should unzip my flies and show my cock to her. I was so aroused that I couldn’t not do it and I unzipped myself and pulled my cock out and showed it to her. The young girl bit her lip and pretended to clap her hands as if applauding what she was seeing.

She nervously looked round and checked on the woman a few rows back and then extended her hand and make a “wanking” signal. No way! She couldn’t surely want me to jerk off right there and then . .  in front of her? She could sense the hesitation in me and raised her eyebrows again before looking down and smiling as she opened her legs a bit more to tease me. I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth and wrapped my hand round my cock and started slowly stroking it. She gave me the thumbs up signal and smiled, watching me intently. I hadn’t had a proper CFNM experience in real life before so this was incredibly exciting watching this beautiful stranger staring at my erect penis as I wanked for her. I could sense that I wasn’t going to last long if I kept going as I was so I took my hand off my cock so I didn’t get too excited. This made her instantly frown though and gesture for me to carry on wanking. Not wanting to upset her I did so and could feel myself getting excited. I obviously looked worried at my impending orgasm because the girl’s eyes widened and she started nodding her head quickly as if encouraging me  . . understanding what was about to happen and really wanting to see it. All of a sudden she put one foot up on her seat and I could see straight up her skirt to her skimpy pink panties and this sent me over the edge. I stared straight into her beautiful young eyes as I felt the spunk erupt from my dick, hitting my shirt halfway up and then the second and third spurts covering my lower shirt. She smiled and giggled in excitement as she watched this real life CFNM orgasm and as my ecstasy subsided and I briefly relaxed back into my chair she again pretended to clap and give me the thumbs up! I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and cleaned up as best I could, putting my cock away and making myself more presentable – pulling my coat across the front so noone could see the spunk stain on my shirt.

I smiled at the girl and mouthed the words “thank you” but to my shock she got up and started walking towards me. As she approached, she leant forwards and whispered “great show, you’ve got a nice cock. I’m going to finger myself silly thinking about it tonight”. Before I could reply she carried on walking past me and the train came to a stop at the next station and she got out. I watched her turn and wave and blow me a kiss as the train pulled away again and I realised my amazing CFNM encounter was over. Had she really loved the sight of my cock or was she just playing a naughty game with me? Who cared, that was the most exciting sexual experience of my life and I was now going to look out for CFNM opportunities anywhere I could find them.

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