Tips and Tricks on How to Live a CFNM lifestyle!

For more than five years I have been leading a CFNM lifestyle. Lots of women like playing with naked guys but are too shy to do it openly. I will show you how to get into real life CFNM situations.

My sister and I have been wondering for months how to get the two males at home naked and being our personal slaves. Perhaps the word ’slaves’ is a bit harsh. We just want to enjoy seeing their naked bodies and ask them to do things for us. I must tell you that both dad and our brother have an attractive muscular body and it is the envy of most of our friends. We heard many of them remark about how good looking brother is and how attractive and young looking our father is. It was one of the girls who work in the same office with my sister that prompted us with the idea of a CFNM atmosphere at home.

After months of brain storming how we can get our males naked and how we can convince our mother to have them naked at home, came to us on a fine spring day. We here out in the park where we met a couple of friends who where talking about their holiday plans. They told us that they were going to a club in the country where nudity is obligatory. There one can enjoy the freedom of being naked at all times of the day. The swimming pool is quite large and the deck area is also attractive as it is surrounded by a large number of mature trees.

We showed more interest and asked them if they have been there. It was a stupid question and the way they were describing it to us, we should have known it. They told us that they were there a couple of times with their boyfriends and they told us that as the number of guests is not very large, in the evening various groups of guests would organize some adult fun.

The phrase “adult fun” got us more interesting in the holiday subject and we begged them to tell us more. One of them just smiled; looked at us and said “You invent your game and convince the females of the group to support the idea and then one way or another we convince the males to go along.”

“Like what sort of games?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Think of something you would want to see” she told me

“Well. What about a competition of masturbating and who cums first?” I asked sheepishly.

“That is not a new idea and during our last holiday it was done about 3 or 4 times in the two weeks we were there.”

I looked at my sister and gave her a devilish smile. She just smiled and nodded her head in approval of my thoughts.

After getting the details of the place and how to get there, we thanked them for their company and interesting conversation. Before we departed, one of them told us, that if we were interested, we had to book early as the club accommodates about 60 guests in total.

“Bingo!” exclaimed my sister. We just need to see how to convince the rest of the family to go on a nude holiday.

“What about convincing the males to participate in such games?” I remarked.

“We cross the bridge when we come to it. Let us now think of how we shall get the family to go there first.” My sister replied.

We did not have to wait too long for the idea to pop up. On Sunday as we were driving to go and meet our parents at a restaurant we planned to have lunch, the radio station we were tuned in announced the winners of the previous week competition. The prize was a weekend break for two persons at a summer resort in the French Riviera.

“Yes, that is it” I shouted.

“What is what?” my sister asked.

“We pretend that we won a competition for four persons in a surprise location.” I announced.

“My dear sister, you forgot how to count. We are five in the family.”

“Five would be an odd number to make the story credible. We tell them that we asked the organizers to have a fifth member and we pay for this extra member.”

“Brilliant! But how are we going to convince mum and dad?”

“We need to involve our friends again. We ask one of them to phone home while we are at work and give the news to mum that Linda and Jane won a holiday for 4 persons to a surprise destination. But first we have to phone the club and make the reservations to make sure that they have accommodation available.”

We contacted our friends that same afternoon and we explained to them our plans. They were ready to give us a hand in this game and we arranged to meet on Monday evening at the pub to plan the details over a glass of wine.

Chapter 2

My mobile phone rang while I was returning home from work. Mum was on the other end of the line. Her voice was excited and I could hardly understand what she was saying. The game started and she received the telephone call with the news of the fake win. I asked her to calm down and she should wait for me to arrive home as I was only some minutes away.

There was another call on my mobile phone. This time it was my sister. “Hey, she swallowed it bait, line, hook and sinker.”

I could not understand one word of the rest of her conversation as she must have been dying with laughter. I asked to control herself and we see each other back home.

As soon as I arrived home, mum was visibly shaken and excited. I too pretended to be excited. “Mum, we never won anything in our lives and now this. Wow, wow and wow.” I told her.

“Wait till your father hears about it. We were discussing where we should go for our holidays this summer and this came up. Tell me what was this competition?”

Mum, it was a sort of questionnaire in a women’s magazine and they also asked for a slogan for a product that is advertised in that magazine.” I replied.

“In a million years, I would never dreamt that we win.” I continued

“The lady on the phone said that it was for 4 persons. Pity!”

“Don’t worry mum. I will contact the organizers and ask them to arrange a holiday for 5 persons and we shall pay for the extra person. That way we shall all go. OK? Now calm down and please make me a nice cup of hot coffee.”

During dinner the main topic of the conversation was this holiday to a surprise destination. Dad seemed not fully convinced but the enthusiasm mum spoke and repeated for the thousand time the conversation with this woman on the phone, helped to ease his tension and commenced to accept this fact.

“Where is this place we are going for our holiday?” he asked.

“Dad, honestly I do not know. The competition just mentioned a surprise location. Who cares where? It is a free holiday and even if it is in a place that we already have visited, I would love it just the same as if it were a new location.” I stated.

All seemed to agree with me.

The next few days we invented some letter heads of a fictitious company and wrote ourselves a letter congratulating us for winning the competition and enclosing a voucher for 4 persons to “Club X Holiday Resort” giving also the dates and confirmation of our accommodation.

The questions started coming our way again and I told them that when I contacted the organizers to ask them to book the extra person, they told me that they will make the necessary arrangements with the Resort for an extra bed in a bungalow. I explained to my parents that I was informed that all bungalows accommodate 4 persons so it is only a matter of installing an extra bed. I told them also that a representative of the organizers would contact us a few days before the departure date to give us the exact details where we should go.

The weeks flew by and finally the departure date was only a week away. My sister and I produced the necessary paperwork we received at our friends’ address and informed the family that the Resort was only about 2 hours by car and we should drive there directly.

The big day arrived and when all our luggage was loaded in the car, dad keyed in the destination address on the GPS and the estimated time of arrival was 2 hours and 8 minutes according to the information on the GPS.

The scenery on the way was breath taking especially when we got closer to our destination. We were all speculating what we were going to find and my sister and I could not stop giggling at the suggestions. Little did they know that in a few minutes we ladies had to expose our pussies to the boys and the boys had to expose their hardware to us.

We just crossed our fingers that there would be no strong opposition to the location and that all would accept it.

When we arrived I asked the others to wait in the car, while I went to the reception to make the necessary arrangements for our booked accommodation. Thanks heavens that they remained in the car as the receptionist was an attractive middle aged lady fully naked and fully shaved down under.

She told me where we should park the car and gave me the keys to bungalow 16 and gave me instructions how to reach it from the parking area.

The pathway was narrow as the hedges were a little bit overgrown and invading the walking space. We could hear the laughter and splashing of people jumping in the pool. We reached the bungalow and put our luggage inside. Then came the surprise.

“What the hell! What kind of place is this?” I heard dad shouting after he had a look through one of the windows on the far side of the entrance door.

We all rushed and saw what my sister and I expected to see — lots of people fully naked.

Dad wanted to leave immediately and told us not to unpack so we head straight back home. My sister and I objected and we asked our brother if he would mind doing like all the rest of those people and go around naked. There were some beautiful young women out there and we were sure that his answer would be a positive one.

“Well dad; that is already 3 persons in favour” I said.

“Make that 4″ mum said.

Reluctantly dad gave in. For a while we all stood there looking at each other not knowing what to do. I picked up some courage to break the ice and started taking my top and bra off. When they saw me topless my sister and my mother also started undressing. It took the boys a little bit longer to pick up courage and it was only after all the 3 of us females were fully naked.

From the bulge in their pants we knew the reason for their shyness. They did not want us to see them naked with a hard penis.

Mum encouraged them to take their cloths off and she said that their hardness will soon wear off. They looked at each other and blushed. It seems that they knew they were caught being hard.

Mum approached dad and undid his belt and pulled down the fly on his pants. I asked my brother if he needed assistance to undress, which he immediately refused and started pealing his cloths off.

It was obvious that both were hard as they tried to cover themselves up with their hands. Mum suggested that they go and have a cold shower to calm down a little bit.

Out near the pool we could see several men with a semi erect organ.

While the males were having their shower, we females unpacked the luggage and placed the cloths in the wardrobe and drawers remarking and laughing that if we knew we would not have carried all those cloths.

When the males finished their shower, that is when they felt confident that their organ was limp, they picked up courage and appeared from the bathroom still embarrassed to show their intimate parts.

“OK!” I said, let us pick our towels and go and have a dip in the pool.

I picked up a towel and headed for the door and saw that mum was right behind me. We called the others to be quick about it and that we shall meet them at the poolside.

In a small area it is not easy to find a quiet spot, however we managed to find an area that would accommodate the 5 of us. Mum laughed when she saw dad and my brother walking towards with the towels on their shoulders and hanging to cover their manhood.

After a few minutes the shock seemed to wear off as we all got up and went to have a dip to cool our bodies from the hot sun. All walked to the pool without carrying any towels in hand, same as the other people were doing.

At around 13.00 hours a pretty young waitress, blond, shaved pussy and about my age, came around to take our order for lunch by the pool. About 30 minutes later a young waiter, mid 20’s, also fully shaved, came and served us what we ordered.

As my dad and my brother could not lift their eyes from the nice shave pussy of the waitress, the same thing happened to us females. We could hardly lift our eyes from the well-endowed shaved package of our waiter.

We observed that with the exception of a couple that were heavily trimmed down under; all the others were fully shaved. Our family was the odd ones out as we were all hairy.

I whispered to my sister and she suggested that we should go back to the bungalow and shave. It was not met with too much enthusiasm; however we all seemed to walked back together back inside.

When we were back in the bungalow I asked if he would shave me as I never touched a razor blade in my life and I was afraid to cut myself. He looked at me surprised and looked at mum. She told him that if he shaved me he had to shave her also. You should have seen the look on his face. My brother quickly prompted that he shall shave my sister’s pussy himself.

I placed myself lying on my back on the floor. I did not want to lie on the table as the height would obstruct my view of dad’s penis. I wanted to observe his reaction while he shaved me. He asked me to lie on the table and I told him that I feel comfortable on the floor. He brought the shaving cream and his shaving razor, changed a new blade and asked mum to bring a bowl of water and a towel. I spread my legs and already started seeing some movement in his penis. He wetted my pussy hair and applied some cream on his hands and commenced spreading it around my private parts.

My sister imitated me and asked my brother when he was going to commence his job on her. My brother’s penis also had some instant reaction.

Dad commenced from my belly shaving downwards towards my clitoris. When he shaved that area he had to shave around my pussy opening between my legs. He asked me to pull my pussy lips to one side so he would have better access. I just spread wider my legs and asked him to do it himself as he knows exactly what he wanted to do. He looked at mum and so of, waited for her approval. I saw mum looking at him with a certain smile and waiting for him to see what he was going to do. It seems that dad was lost. I told him that I was getting tired with my legs spread that way and he should hurry up. He took hold of my pussy lips and pulled them to one side. The shaving cream seemed to make them slip from between his fingers and he made a second attempt, this time grabbing them harder, which almost started to hurt me. You should have seen him then. He was sporting a full erection. A quick look at my brother and he too was fully erect.

When dad said that he was ready, I asked mum to inspect me and see if he did a good job. She observed some stables here and there and also remarked that my anus was still hairy. Dad had to feel around my private parts with his hands and re-do the areas that he found rough. I stood up and went down on my knees presenting my ass in dad’s face and asked him to finish the job on the back end. I felt his hands spreading my butt cheeks and applying the shaving cream and then carefully he shaved the little hair I had there.

When I was shaved, I went to watch my brother shaving my sister. He was fully erect and got quite embarrassed when he saw me that I was admiring his manhood.

Mum told dad to shave her. He stood up and took the bowl of water with one hand and covered his manhood with the other. Mum told him that he should take the razor and change a new blade. He told her that he would return but mum insisted that he had two hands and he could carry the razor in his other hand. She remarked to him that sooner or later what he considers his private parts are going to become public as it is ridicules to walk around covering his manhood all the time.

He looked at me and I remarked that mum was correct. After all we are going to see a hard penis instead of a limp one, but it is always the same penis.

Without saying any word he picked up the razor from the floor, thus uncovering his erection.

My brother was almost done on my sister. I inspected her and he seemed to have done a better job than dad as I did not see any stables. I took my sisters feet and pulled her back so that her butt was almost the level of my brother’s face while he was sitting on his ankles. I told him to shave her butt hair and he too spread her butt cheeks and removed the few hairs she had there.

He stood up to clear the little mess he made and I could not help touch his erection and felt the blood pulsing in my hand.

We all now joined mum and dad and watched him shaving her pussy. Naturally he was more confident handling mum’s pussy lips and I would have bet all my savings that if we were not there he would have penetrated her with his fingers.

While watching mum hair disappear from her pussy, we could not help watch the hard manhood of dad and Tommy our brother.

When dad finished shaving mum, we told the males that they too should rid of their body hair. Both seemed reluctant but with a little encouragement from us they gave in and started spreading shaving cream around parts of their chest, tummy and genital area until all was done.

They went in to have another shower to cool and tame their hard manhood.

We all went back by the pool and had another refreshing dip. Back on the pool deck I set on the towel with legs across facing a family next to us. The boy could not take his eyes from my spread newly shaved pussy and started sporting an erection. Few moments later his mother returned from the pool and on seeing us all shaved she complimented us for our clean look. “Excuse me” she said “but I cannot help compliment you on your shaved look. This morning you were the only people with hair here and now you decided to join the rest of us. By-the-way, I am Amanda and these are my children, Christine who is 19 and Geoffrey who is 25. My husband Sam is still at the bar with some friends. Ah Men! They can hardly have a conversation without having a pint or two. He should join us later.”

Mum took it upon her to introduce our family to her. I just kept my fingers crossed that mum will not mention how we got here in the first place. She swallowed the competition bit but perhaps Amanda will not and we will be barraged with questions.

Good thing the conversation changed. Amanda noticed Geoffrey had quite an erection. “Geoffrey, why don’t you go inside and remedy your little problem.” She told her son. Geoffrey looked into my eyes sheepishly, stood up and started walking to their bungalow. “Christine will you go and check on your brother.” And without a second suggestion, Christine stood up, came to me, took me by the hand and invited me to go with her.

Without a second thought, I just complied with her request and went along with her. On the way, I asked her by what her mother meant when she told her to check on her brother. She explained that when her brother or her father is aroused, they, meaning she and her mum, make the boys masturbate to rid off the erection for a while. She continued telling me that she is going to watch her brother and make sure that he shoots his load off otherwise he can sport another erection in a short while.

I think that Geoffrey wanted the ground to open and swallow him when Christine announced that I will be watching also. He stood there standing, facing us with his eyes fixed to the floor. Christine snapped and told him that she wants to go and sunbath and does not have all day. He placed his right hand around his shaft and commenced pumping up and down along the shaft. “Please hurry up, you are moving too slow. You will take ages to finish what you started.” She snapped again at him. Although his rhythm increased, she was not happy. She went knelt beside him and told him — “Let go, let me do it” — while grapping his shaft and with a fast tempo she made him cum in a short while.

Pinching myself to make sure I was awake, I just stood there speech less. I watched her placing his shaft between her index finger and her thumb and from the base of the shaft she squeezed out the liquid that remained in him.

The poor boy’s pride soon became limp and she told him that he could return to the pool near mum.

She asked me what we do to our males to make them rid of their erection. I told her that we tell them to go and take a shower. She laughed and told me that that was an old system and not as efficient and not as enjoyable as the one she showed me.

I took note and told mum and my sister at the first opportunity. I explained to them how a 19-year-old girl managed to control her 25-year-old brother. Mum was amazed how Amanda permits this sort of behavior. I suggested to mum that perhaps this shows how well disciplined are her males that they obey to act in such degrading situations.

Trust mum to bring the subject up on her first opportunity with Amanda when we females were alone. Amanda explained that she convinced her husband long time ago that a woman’s sense is more valuable than any man’s logic and in the family. It is a good sense that keeps the family united. She explained that her husband became more calm and serene when he accepted her authority in the house. She continued that she is in the house almost 100% of the time while he is there about two thirds of the time only and one third he is asleep, so she knows better then him what and how things need to be done at home.

But mum insisted on making them masturbate. Amanda told us how they practice nudity even at home and masturbating is a way of relieving tension. She asked mum if she ever masturbated. Mum became red faced and admitted that there were many occasions when she did it. She then turned to me and my sister and we admitted that we do it quite frequently sometime in the presence of each other as we share the same bedroom. She asked us how we felt after masturbating. We all agreed that we felt good and relaxed. “The same thing happens to men.” She said.

“It is only a matter to convince them the first time. The first time is the most difficult as they hurt their ego. The more they do it the less they hurt their ego until it becomes a natural thing to them.” Amanda explained.

Mum asked if she and Christine ever masturbated in the presence of the males. Amanda responded in the affirmative. “Fortunately for us girls, the clitoris is not as conspicuous as the male penis, so we seldom masturbate in their presence. Their erection betrays them and we tell them to relief themselves and relax. Sometimes we offer to help them and do the job ourselves for them.”

“Oh my God!” mum exclaimed. “You mean to tell me that the little girl will actually participate and make her father cum?”

“Oh yes, if you make a fuss about it, they get a guilty feeling, but if you show it is a normal way to help the males relax, then they accept it as being normal. Honestly, tell me now. Did you ever made your husband cum with your hands?”

“Of course” mum replied “and several times in my life” she continued laughingly

“How did it feel the first time?” asked Amanda

“I was freighted and ashamed”

“And now?”

“It is a normal enjoyable event” replied mum.

“Did you ever made any other man cum?”

“No I did not.”

“If you had the opportunity, would you do it?”

“I guess it depends on who the man is.”

“Does it matter? A man is a man and only the title of husband, son, brother, cousin, father, friend, boss and so on. The title changes but a man remains a man. You have a man that need relief in front of you and you just relief him.”

Mum seemed confused and changed the subject.

Chapter 3

Amanda’s husband, Dennis, and dad returned from the pool bar to join us. It seemed that they enjoyed each other’s company as they were chatting and joking continuously.

Dad placed himself facing Amanda and Dennis placed himself opposite me. I saw Amanda approach mum and whispered something in her ear. Mum looked amazed; gave her a naughty smile and nodded her head. I could guess what she told her when she approached me and whispered in my ear to be provocative so as to make her husband get an erection. She went back to her place and after a while she started acting a little bit provocative which dad could not miss.

In a short time both Dennis and dad were quite hard.

“Dennis; why don’t you go to the bungalow and relax yourself and take Albert (my dad) with you. He needs to relax a little bit also. I am sure you can exchange a trick or two during your relaxation time.” Amanda told her husband.

Dennis stood up and invited dad to join him. Dad asked why they were going to the bungalow as they could relax there on the pool deck. Dennis whispered to dad, but the whisper was a bit loud that we heard it and smiled. “We go an jerk off to rid of this erection mate.”

When they were a few paces away, Amanda called Dennis and quickly explained to him to explain to Albert the positive side of being an obedient male like he did successfully several times in the past with other men. Albert nodded his agreement and went back near dad to walk together to their bungalow.

Amanda called Christine and told her to go and check on her dad and Albert. My sister wished to accompany Christine but Amanda suggested that our dad may be very uncomfortable the first time he has to masturbate in the presence of others.

It took rather a long time and we saw Christine returning with a smile on her face.

“Tell us what happened in there.” I said.

She explained that her dad was masturbating quite vigorously when she entered and Albert was hardly touching his organ. As soon as they saw me, her dad continued with the job while my dad stopped. He refused to do it in the presence of a girl. Her dad gave him a little talk and encouraged to continue as she was very much used to see such behaviour from men so it will not bother her.

She tried to imitate the expression of Albert’s face when she offered to help him relief himself. It was only after a long insistence by her and her father that Albert relieved himself.

The following day Amanda had another of her mischief plans. She told mum that they will tease their husbands to get an erection and that they will join them to see them masturbate. Mum was a little bit hesitant at first and with some encouragement from us; she went along with the idea.

The male animator came along and invited the males to join him for a small competition of archery. Nothing special as a prize; just a free beer from the pool bar. But it is a way to distract the guests from the monotonous atmosphere of staying by the pool chatting and swimming.

I can’t say what happened but both Dennis and dad returned with an almost full erection.

Amanda immediately told Dennis to go to the bungalow and relax himself and suggested that Albert should join him. I stood up to follow them but Amanda was quick to push me down again, telling me that for this time it would be better if she and mum went along.

Later when they all returned and Amanda invited the males to go and enjoy a beer at the bar, she related that dad was again a little bit difficult and he took some time to be persuaded to masturbate in her presence. It was more mum’s insistence and calling him “Chicken” and comparing him to Dennis that finally made him do it. Amanda told them that the next time it would be like a competition for them to see who will be able to cum first.

I asked Amanda if she was going to work on our brother also. “First the though ones dear. The young ones will then follow like sheep” she replied laughingly.

Geoffrey and Tommy returned from the pool, where they have been chatting with Christine and another 3 girls that Christine made friends with from pervious visits to the Resort. Geoffrey was again sporting an erection. Amanda told Christine to take her brother inside to relax a bit and told Tommy to go along with them. I asked Amanda if my sister and I could join them. She nodded her approval and in less than a second my sister and I were both on our feet following them.

When we entered the bungalow, Christine instructed her brother to relief himself and told Tommy to watch and learn from Geoffrey. This time Geoffrey was quite fast with the rhythm in pumping his manhood. Tommy seemed flabbergasted. He told Geoffrey why he was doing that in the presence of the girls. Geoffrey replied calmly that he did it several times in the presence of other girlfriends so he found no difficulty in doing it in the presence of his sister and mother. “You should try it Tommy. It is only the first time that you find it difficult. The matter will become a second nature after a while.” He told Tommy.

Christine turned to Tommy and invited him to play with himself to get hard and try relieving himself in their presence. Tommy was absolute against the idea but with all of us encouraging him and insisting he started having second thoughts. Geoffrey continued to encourage him to do it. “This will be your baptism of fire Tommy. Once you do it once, you will never turn back and you will not regret it. Believe me. I learned to respect my mother and my sister more than ever and I know that when they ask me to relief myself it would be for my own good” Geoffrey said.

Tommy seemed to picked up some courage and commenced playing with this limp penis until it was fully erect. Then he lowered his eyes to the ground and started pumping slowly. Christine asked him if he could go any faster or if he needed her help to make him cum. He blushed and increased his rhythm until he ejaculated a stream of his white liquid. We all clapped and congratulated him. He seemed more relaxed and admitted that he thought that it would be more difficult.

Mum was worried because we took a longer time than she expected. I explained to her that Christine convinced Tommy to relief himself and Tommy did it only after a long persuasion. Mum could not believe it.

At lunch time when we were having a snack in the privacy of our bungalow, dad brought the subject up of this unusual holiday. Mum asked him his opinion of the holiday so far. Dad mentioned that he was never embarrassed so much in his life and he wished to be back home. I asked him why he was saying that; to which he replied that things happened that he would never dreamt of happening. He continued without giving too much detail. Mum interrupted and mentioned that our father had to relief himself in the presence of Amanda.

“Dad” I said. “Do you remember when I was in my early teens and we went to grandma and I showed her my new bikini?”

“Yes — what has it got to do with this?”

“Well, remember she related that when she was young they went to the beach or swimming pool wearing a one piece suit and the women that wore a two piece suit were looked at as whores.”

“OK, come to the point.”

“The point is that time passed and what was not acceptable when grandma was a young girl is now the normal attire on the beaches. Not only the bikini is the most popular swim wear but also many women go topless. Again the point is that the world is changing and people became more liberal and open about sex and exposing their bodies.” I explained.

“So you are saying that masturbating is no longer a private thing, because that is what I had to do in Amanda’s presence.” He said

I put my views regarding masturbating and that today many of her friends and acquaintances openly admit that they masturbate and even if they know that their brother or sister is watching or spying on them they continue as if they were alone. I continued that masturbating is a natural thing that both males and females do it. He was surprised when I suggested that if he would ask me to masturbate in his presence; I may find it hard the first time but would get accustomed to it the second and subsequent times.

Mum agreed and he admitted that I may have a point.

Tommy finally opened his mouth and said that he also thinks that the first time is always the most difficult time.

Chapter 4

A couple of days passed and our family and Amanda’s family became closer in friendship.

There were occasions where the males had to go and relief themselves and on Amanda’s instructions one or two of us females went along with them to watch them, or as Amanda always puts it — to supervise them.

I was remembering the words of our friends that introduced us to this place, when they said that “adult games” are also organises, and was wondering when these games are going to be held.

Two young animators about my age came around and started gathering young girls and boys to take them to play games in an other area on the grounds telling the parents that there was going to be and “AG” game by the pool. All parents of under-aged children either gave custody of their children to the animators or accompanied them themselves.

When the pool was clear of the children, a beautiful heavy breasted blond appeared carrying 6 plastic boards and 6 pieces of rope about 1 metre in length each.

She invited all the males under the age of 30 to go to the one end of the pool and take along with them a female partner.

Geoffrey took Christine as his partner on her insistence and Tommy asked me as the elder of his sisters to accompany him.

The blond animator gave each girl a board and a piece of rope. She explained to us that we had to tie one end of the rope to the balls of our partner keep the other hand securely in our hands. When that was done we should go to the edge of the pool and wait for the starting signal. When the signal is given we should jump in the water together. She stressed that each couple must jump together as otherwise if the male jumps before the female, he may leave his balls behind him. We heard a roar of laughter from the spectators and participants. She continued to explain that the females must ride the board keeping the other end of the rope in their hands and the males must swim the length of the pool pulling the girl floating on the board behind them. She insisted that if any male touched the rope with his hands to pull the board he would be disqualified and the tugging must be only by the use of their balls.

“The winners will get a free alcoholic drink of their choice” she announced “and as there are several couples we were going to have 2 races, first race with 6 couples and the second race with 4 couples.”

Some suggested that the races should be of 5 couples each, and which suggestion was accepted by the animator.

I knelt down in front of my brother and held his penis up to tie the rope around his scrotum above his balls. I secured the knot and we went to the edge of the pool. I observed that the other males were all bending down and the girls were tying their balls from behind not from the front as I did. I asked Christine the reason and she came and inspected how I tied the knot on my brother’s balls.

“No, the knot should be at the back side as otherwise he will hurt more the way you did it.” She explained. And to make her point, she passed the rope between my brother’s legs and gave a slight tug. “See here” she pointed “the rope is not only pulling his sack but also rubbing against his testicles and that will be more uncomfortable for him.” She than called her brother and did the same thing to him and showed me that the way she and the others tied the knot will only pull the sack.”

I quickly grabbed hold of my brother’s balls with one hand while I turn the knot around with the other.

“On you marks; get set; go”

Making sure that my brother and I will go together in the water, I held him by the shoulder and when he jumped he carried me with him. I, like the other girls went as quick as possible on the board and instructed my brother to swim as fast as he could. I heard him scream when the rope straightened and he felt the first tug on his balls.

There were some cries of “ouch!’ from the boys as they swam and I saw one girl floating while her partner was swimming faster than the rest of the boys. We learned that his balls slipped through the knot and the couple were disqualified.

We reached the finish line in the last place and Christine and Geoffrey managed second place. I untied the knot on my brother’s balls and asked him if he was ok. Laughingly I told him that his balls are still there in perfect condition. He said that he had some strange feeling in his balls and like all the other boys he was sporting a lovely erection.

The winners received their voucher for the free drink and the second race participants were preparing themselves.

We went back near our families and Amanda suggested that we should all go and let the boys relief themselves to loose their erection. My brother was going to complain but he was anticipated by Amanda who showed him the other 2 boys, who participated in the race, were also being escorted by some female to do the same thing in their own bungalow.

Tommy was hesitant as this time mum was present watching him, but when he saw Geoffrey doing it so casually in front of his mother and his sister, he picked up courage and commenced pumping hard till he shot his liquid out.

Mum encouraged and told him that she was proud of him. He acknowledged with a smile and a thank you.

When we went back to accompany Dennis and dad, who remained by the pool to watch the second race, we arrived in time the second race ended and saw the 5 boys, all fully erect, being escorted also by some female to their place of accommodation.

“Now ladies and gentleman; it is time for the males over 30 to participate in this game.” Began saying the big busted blond. “We shall have the males lined up against the hedge that surround the pool area and the females will sit in front of them just to watch and encourage them. For this game, I hope that none of the males requires Viagra as we do not stock it”

There was some laughter and clapping from a good number of females.

“For this game we are going to have one winner and one looser, that is a prize for the winner and a punishment for the looser” she continued. “Those of you who were here before know the game and know the punishment, so I shall repeat it for any new comers. Well the winner will get a voucher for 2 free alcoholic beverages and the looser will have to carry a leash around his balls until the young children return from their games. Not only he shall carry the leash, but it is obligatory for each and every female to walk him a short distance carrying him by the leash”

There was a loud applause from almost every female present.

She then invited the males to take their place. Dennis stood up and invited dad to join him. “What is the game Dennis?” dad asked. “Who cares — just have some fun” replied Dennis. Dad joined him.

The animator observed some able man who were still sitting down with their partners and went to them and encouraged them to join the other participants. I observed that she did not go near senior citizens.

She asked the females to sit or knee about 3 metres away in front of their male participant, and where there are several females supporting one participant, they should stay in line one behind the other, shortest in front not to obstruct the view of those at the back.

Christine insisted with her mother that she should stay in front and participate in the first part of the game. It seems she knew what was going to happen.

Mum asked me to go and sit in the front and she and my sister will watch from behind me.

“Well gentleman, you shall now approach your female partner sitting or kneeling in the first row.” The animator instructed.

Dad came and stood in front of me with his penis within a few centimetres from my face. I heard Dennis remarking to Christine that he knew that she always enjoyed this bit.

“Well ladies” the animator continued with her instructions, “I want you, without touching your partner’s penis to make him have a hard erection as he will need it. You can fondle his balls and do the things you think may excite your male partner but not touch his penis. Keep doing it until I tell you to stop and do not stop when you see him hard.”

Dad asked mum to change places with me, but mum told him that he is a spoil sport and he should see that many young ladies are in the first row like his daughter is.

I turned to mum and asked her what excites dad. She told me to fondle his balls and from time to time grab his scrotum above the balls and give gentle tugs to stretch his skin while squeezing his balls a little bit without inflecting pain, but just that gently pain to excite him.

I did not only got dad hard but I got myself wet in this process.

“Well we are almost there. Almost all the males are hard. Keep on going ladies and we give those few ladies some more time to get their partner hard.” Interrupted again the animator. “OK, we are almost there. Now gentleman, on my word “back” you go back to your places. On my word “go” you take your life out of your manhood and the first to shoot is the winner and the last to shoot is the looser. Do you all understand?” she glanced around to make sure there were no questions. “When you shoot, gather the liquid in your other hand and lift it up as a sign that you are ready. OK do you understand?” again she glanced around to see that all understood.

“Oh my God!” I heard dad remark “I am going to jerk in front of this crowd”

“Come on dad we are behind you and support you. I did my part and you are hard now do your part and work as fast as you can.” I told him.

“Ok gentlemen, BACK and take you positions, hand on your manhood but do not move it until the word “go”

“OK 1,2,3, GO” she yelled and the group of about 20 men started pumping like mad at their manhood while the screaming of encouragement from the females and other observers.

One man lifted his hands and he was asked to approach the animator and the second who lifted up his hand was asked to follow the first and stay in the queue. As the time passed, it seemed a fraction of a second to us and dad later admitted that every second seemed like an hour to him. As I was saying, as the time passed one by one the males managed to shoot their load in their hands. I did not keep count of the place dad and Dennis came but they were neither the winners nor the losers.

The animator inspected the liquid in the first man’s hand and she said that in her opinion there was enough liquid to declare him a winner. She also presented a length of rope to the partner of the looser and asked her to leash him by the balls and walk him around doggy style and offer the leash to any lady who requests to walk him a short distance. Lucky for the guy only 5 ladies wanted to walk him. Christine wanted to go also but Amanda told her to leave the poor guy in peace as she already had her fun doing the things which she (Amanda) was supposed to do to her husband.

Back in our spot we congratulated dad and Dennis for their good performance and although they did not win anything, we told them that the participation and the fun were more important to us.

Chapter 5

Next day my sister and I took the car and went to a nearby town telling our parents that we are going to do some shopping. Our main interest was to get hold of a length of rope to have some fun. We found a hardware store and bought about 4 metres of rope more or less the same thickness used at the Resort in the adult game.

We also visited some other shops and bought some nice T-shirts and a mini skirt.

Back at the resort we placed our shopping in the bungalow, stripped naked and went by the pool near the rest of the family. Christine told us that she would have loved to join us shopping and if we decide to go another time we should tell her.

We whispered to her that we bought some rope and so we could have some fun with our brothers. Her grin was conspicuous. We invited the boys to join us for a short stroll around the resort and passing by our bungalow we told them that it would be a good idea if they started training a bit for next weeks event and Christine told us, and Geoffrey confirmed, that the resort repeat the games every week.

I produced the rope and cut is in two equal lengths. We then explained to the boys that we are going to do something similar so that they get used to the tugging at their balls and will feel less discomfort during the actual game. Perhaps one of them will be the winner.

Luckily none of them objected and in the synchronisation of dancers the turned around and bent down giving us easy access to their balls. Christine naturally handled her brother and my sister handled our brother.

We looked around and Christine noticed two armchairs. “What about them carry those behind them across the room” she suggested. We agreed as the armchairs did not seem too heavy. The other lengths of the ropes were tied to the armchairs and we carried them and the boys to one end of the room; we cleared an area and let the boys compete between them who would reach the other end first. A short distance in a small room, but I think that the friction of the furniture being carried across the floor is more strenuous than carrying a girl floating on a board.

We could not see their balls being stretched when in the pool, but here it was fun watching their balls appear from between their thighs when they pulled and disappeared again. After a few laps, my sister suggested that they should make a tug-o-war. We placed them facing opposite each other and told them to go on all fours. I untied my brother’s knot and tied his balls with the other end of the rope that was tied to Geoffrey’s balls.

Asking to move forward until the slack on the rope was gone, we gave them the go signal to start the tug-o-war. None of them moved a bit. We just saw their sack stretch a little bit and we heard them both moan with the pain. I told them not to force themselves too much as this is only a training session so that they get used to some extra pain in their balls.

We admired the stretched smooth shiny skin of their scrotum. It was too great temptation not to touch those trapped balls and caress them. Both my sister and Christine touched and caressed the boys’ balls and remarked about the smooth silky skin of the scrotum in that position.

After we had enough fun, we untied the knots and asked the boys to stand up. Wow! What we saw were two lovely erected pricks. “Can I relief Tommy and one of you girls relief my brother” Christine suggested. The boys looked at each other but said nothing. Christine took her position and my sister and I tossed a coin to see who will milk Geoffrey. The luck fell on me.

Seeing my sister disappointed, I suggested that she should fondle their scrotum and rid of the red marks left by the rope. She was pleased. The boys begged us that if they get erect again, we should not milk them again. We just told them to behave themselves and do not get excited again.

After, we asked the boys to go to the pool and swim 10 laps as part of the training. We repeated this every day in preparation of the next games.

A week flew by and we were in the second and last week of our holiday. Both dad and Tommy seemed to be getting used to masturbating in our presence. Saturday evening Amanda suggested to us females that we should break the ice and give the boys a break and that we should meet and hold a private competition where we females would masturbate in the presence of our males.

Mum said that she would be embarrassed to do it in the presence of her son, but then she said she had second thoughts and it was only fare to do it the same as he did it in her presence.

Probably if I had to masturbate alone in the presence of my father and my brother, I would have felt embarrassed, but being in a group masturbating together it did not bother me too much.

I watched the men fixing their eyes on our hands working our clitorises and pussies and saw them getting hard all of them. Christine reached the climax first and she made a mess on the floor. We thought that the performance was enough and we should stop but both Amanda and my sister said that they are almost there and they will not stop until they reach their climax. They too made a mess.

We were all hot and excited. All of us females were very very wet. The males were all hard. Amanda took this opportunity and suggested another game. This time, she said that we will involve the males also as they are all hard and the women are all hot and wet.

She suggested that each female, with the exception of the odd one out, will have a male and we shall jerk them off and the fist to shoot will be the winner.

Mum volunteered to be the odd one out. Amanda suggested that one of us should handle our father and the other our brother while she would handle her husband and Christine her brother.

My sister told me that in her opinion, as I already handled dad in the game by the pool, it was only fair that she will have dad as her partner this time and that I should handle our brother.

Mum acted as umpire and she gave the word go. Each one of us pumped the manhood we held with vigour and enthusiasm. I made my brother cum first and Christine made her brother follow. When all the males were drained and their liquid increased the mess we ladies make on the floor, Amanda told the males to clean the place up while we set down and relaxed watching them. I could not help but continuing where I left off and played with my clitoris until the place was again clean.

Chapter 6

Handling either my father or my brother did give me some feeling of power, but I never had the opportunity to handle them alone. There was always someone else present. I wanted to try and handle one of them myself when I am alone with him.

After a week since my pussy shave, the hair started growing again. When we were by the pool I found dad in a quite moment alone and asked him if he would come with me to the bungalow and shave me as I was feeling quite embarrassed with the hair becoming conspicuous.

At first he wanted to wait for mum returning from her dip in the pool, but I told him that I can tell mum that we are going for a while in the bungalow to do something and return in a few minutes. He was unsure but accepted after my insistence.

Like the previous time, I placed myself on my back on the floor and spread my legs and waited for him to bring the shaving cream; razor and the rest.

Seeing me spread like that must have made him a little bit excited as I observed some movement in his penis.

It was the same routing as last week. He lathered my genital area with the shaving cream feeling his hands running on my clitoris and on and around my labia. He ran the razor delicately on my skin being careful not to cut me, especially he was careful and pulled my labia to each side when shaving the major labia. I ran my hands on my shaved pussy and found some rough areas. I asked him to feel them and feel the whole area before he cleans up. I felt his hands again running on my smooth skin on my now hard clitoris and again rubbing my labia. He re-shaved the areas he felt stubbles.

His manhood was now as hard as a rock. When he finished cleaning I went and knelt near him, took hold of his manhood and while starting moving my hands up and down his shaft, I told him that I shall take care of this little problem before we go back to the pool. I thought he was going to explode but to my surprise he rested his hands on my head and pushed his body forward to give me better access.

In the second week we were all more relaxed than the first week. The ice was broken and we all seemed to got used to the idea of being naked. Nakedness makes you feel so free and easy. Touching the genital areas of another family member became a norm as if we were touching the hand of the other member.

In the adult games on the second week were similar to those of the first week. Tommy and Geoffrey both made an improvement and both came second in different races. As regards dad’s performance, well, he was not fast enough to shoot first but neither was he too slow to be the last. He blamed it on us females, saying that we were making him masturbate or milking him too often. Next year he would prefer to abstain from any masturbating activity at least 24 hours before the game.

My sister and I were surprised that in a short span of one week we had the males naked, masturbating in our presence and we handled them ourselves. I said to myself “Good job and thanks Amanda.”


That was about 4 years ago the first time we visited the resort. Back home life changed. We adopted nudism. The males’ genitals became a toy in our hands and our boobs became toys in their hands. I do not know why, it seems that they shy away to play with our clits and pussies, perhaps it is because we frequently wear a wrap-over around our waist. I do not mind it and neither do mum and sister. It sort of, gives us more control over the males.

It is not the CFNM situation we originally planned, but still it is fun.

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