Tips and Tricks on How to Live a CFNM lifestyle!

For more than five years I have been leading a CFNM lifestyle. Lots of women like playing with naked guys but are too shy to do it openly. I will show you how to get into real life CFNM situations.

The day started like any other. Kevin and his lovely wife, Natalie, were pressed against each other, up against the wall, locked in a kiss. They had a beautiful new home, were enjoying the fourth year of their very happy marriage together, and always enjoyed their mornings together. Just as they finished kissing and going about their day, Kevin got the tobasco sauce out of the refrigerator to put some on his scrambled eggs. Only there would be something even spicier added to their marriage on this day. Janine, their next-door neighbor and Natalie’s best friend, usually came by to join them for breakfast. Only this time, she brought a tape for the three to view while eating in the family room.

Kevin was immediately interested since Janine said it was a “sports blooper.” Only it was a very different kind of blooper.

Janine informed the two that she taped the footage off her computer, as it was an email that was sent to her by a friend.

The tape began with a simple sports interview, a reporter interviewing a neatly-dressed athlete in a locker room. Then a third man came into the picture.

“Now watch the African American gentleman walking around to the back,” Janine said very calmly.

Then, very suddenly, and without any warning, the mystery man walked across the screen, behind the reporter and the player being interviewed.

The man’s lower body, from the waist down, was completely uncovered, a large penis swinging from side to side. The camera got it all.

“Woopsy daisy,” Janine said.

Natalie and Kevin both were in shock, their silence broken only by nervous laughter.

“Holy shit. Where did this air?” asked Natalie.

“In Kansas City,” Janine replied. “It was on the 11 o’clock news which makes it a little more acceptable since there wasn’t as many kids watching. The station got TONS of letters I heard. But it wasn’t their fault.”

The screen went to blue as there was nothing else on the tape. After a little hesitation, Natalie gave in to her curiosity.

“Play it again,” she said with a smile.

“Oh I was going to,” Janine replied, picking up the remote and pushing rewind. “I must have watched this at work today about 20 times.”

“You little pervert,” Kevin said teasingly.

The tape played again, and again the three focused not on the interview that was going on, but on the man walking by the camera in the back. Moreover, they focused on the large penis of the black man walking by in the back. It swung into the camera’s view once more.

“That thing looks hu-uuuge,” Natalie finally said, stating the obvious but showing the courage to say what the others didn’t want to.

“I know right? I don’t think it would be as funny if the guy’s penis wasn’t so big,” Janine replied.

Kevin had never heard this kind of sexy talk going on between the two. And he had especially never heard this kind of talk coming out of the mouth of his sweet, delicate wife. But for some reason, he liked it. He liked it a lot.

“I think he wanted to get it on T.V.,” Natalie said.

“He should be very proud of it,” Janine replied laughingly.

The two watched the clip over, and over, and over again. They watched it in slow-mo, they jokingly switched places on the couch to watch it from different angles.

“Just sucks you can’t see his face,” Janine said. “You can’t see who it is.”

Natalie burst out laughing.

“Oh my God I don’t even think I noticed that – I was paying so much attention to his dick,” she said.

Did she just say dick?, Kevin thought to himself. He had always wanted his wife to talk dirty to him, yet he shied away from asking her. Maybe this event would change that.

While the clip was running for the up-teenth time, Natalie got more curious.

“W-w-wait, pause it,” she said. “Pause it when, you know…”

“When his weiner’s showing?” asked Janine laughingly.

The man walked around into view once more, and with perfect precision, Janine paused the footage just as the man’s penis swung against his leg, the leg closest to the camera. It extended down his leg quite a ways. And the picture was crystal clear for further inspection.

“Oh-my-God,” Natalie said, moving in closer to see even better. “That thing…it almost hangs to his knees for Christ’s sake.”

“That guy’s got a major schlong,” Kevin said in admiration.

Natalie and Janine laughed.

Natalie just shook her head in disbelief. She began to speak.

“I have never seen anything like that before -”

“Oh I’ve – ,” Janine interrupted but didn’t get to finish.

The two were both fighting to get words in.

“I’m sorry – you go ahead,” Janine said politely.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before. I mean, obviously the only one I have seen for four years now has been Kevin’s, and his isn’t…I mean it’s not small by any means but it’s…you know,” she tailed off.

Kevin was starting to get embarrassed in front of the two women. Very personal things were being discussed here.

“Kevin is average. You’re…I don’t know honey, what are you, five inches?” Natalie asked.

Kevin was shocked. The two women were discussing penis size as if it was shoe size. Kevin would never dare ask Natalie her bra size, especially in front of another man.

“Um, I uh,” Kevin said hesitatingly. Was now the time to exaggerate? Probably not.

“Yeah, roughly five,” he said. Janine was amused by the discussion.

“Well, is it five and a half, or is it really four and you’re rounding it off?” the blonde with the great legs asked her neighbor.

Natalie had a deep in-take of breath.

“Janine, how dare you ask my husband such questions,” she said jokingly.

There was an awkward silence, as if the two were waiting for Kevin to say something.

“God, you want me to take it out, and I’ll go get a ruler and measure it for you?” he asked.

Natalie and Janine both flushed red with embarrassment and began laughing. But then they gave each other a look, some sort of unspoken language. And then they laughed again, only in a more sinister way.

“What?,” Kevin asked as the two sexy females were staring at him. “You want me to?”

The two females again stared at each other, laughing and getting more brazen. For Natalie, seeing her husband’s penis meant nothing. But for him to be naked in front of their neighbor? This was getting crazy.

“I think it would be a riot,” said Natalie. “Go ahead and show Janine your cock.”

Kevin couldn’t believe this. Who was this woman sitting next to him pretending to be Natalie? And what have you done with my wife?, he thought to himself.

Not even knowing how much Kevin admired her legs, Janine crossed the two spectacular limbs in a seductive fashion. This way she showed off more of her tan, well-rounded thighs. These were thighs that were big, but not in the least way fat.

They were supple, and even succulent. Kevin often fantasized about kissing them. Janine was once over for a swim and wore a bathing suit that accented her legs so well, and she made it even tougher on Kevin by slapping her thighs more than once that hot afternoon, unknowingly making it very hard for Kevin to not get a noticeable erection.

That is exactly what he started to get when the two women urged him to disrobe.

He teased them a bit.

“You know it is getting late and I should be leaving for work,” he said.

“Well, you’ll be late for work,” Natalie replied in a bossy tone.

Kevin looked at the two women, who were growing ever impatient.

“Okay, okay,” Kevin said, standing up from the couch. He felt so awkward unzipping his pants in front of the two women.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said, beginning to pull down his dress pants.

The two women just smiled.

Kevin, just out of fear and nervousness, stopped when he got to his underpants.

“Ooo, Calvin Kleins,” Janine said.

“Pull your underwear down,” Natalie demanded, pushing him further.

Kevin took a deep breath and put his thumbs underneath the waistband. He felt those two sets of eyes staring righ at him, at his groin that is.

He yanked down the underwear and a semi-erection popped out, springing to life in the open air.

“Ooo, very nice,” Janine said.

“Stroke it, make it full,” Natalie said to her husband. She wanted to show him off, almost like she was showing off a piece of new furniture to her neighbor.

He grabbed his penis and did as his wife said. He stroked it to full erection. He took his hand from it to display it for the women.

“Wow,” Janine said in a complimentary fashion.

Kevin jutted out his midsection in the direction of Janine, and she in turn teased him by crossing her legs, giving the man a good enough view to see all the way up to her lower buttocks.

“Wow,” Kevin said, unable to contain himself while looking at the blonde.

“Oh he’s such a leg man,” Natalie said with a laugh.

“I can see that,” Janine replied, eyeing his erection.

The two women stared, and stared, and stared without shame.

“Well are you gonna measure it or not?” asked Natalie, acting as if it was Kevin causing the delay.

“Yeah – measure that pecker,” Janine chimed in.

Her use of slang terms for the male penis wasn’t really helping with his erection, as it swelled and swelled, much to the amusement of the two clothed females.

Natalie placed a ruler along the top of her husband’s rod, and found the tip of the head to reach the six-inch mark.

“Nice one,” Janine said in a complimentary fashion.

And that was only the beginning, as the two women went about taking all sorts of different measurements, even at one point seeing how long the head of Kevin’s penis was on its own.

Janine tended to talk about men’s “balls” a lot, and complimented him for having a nice pair.

There was at one point an awkward silence, and with noting to say the two females just stared at Kevin’s organ. It never felt bigger to him, as if it had swelled to greater proportions.

“Now how on earth are you going to go to work like that?” Janine asked the gentleman.

“Well I think I’ll pull my pants up,” he replied.

The two women laughed.

“She means with an erection,” Natalie said.

Kevin paused and looked down at himself, appearing helpless, almost on purpose. Wanting to show off even more, Natalie walked up and began openly stroking her husband in front of Janine.

“Well that’s one way to get rid of it,” the neighbor said with a smile.

“Janine, please go into the kitchen and get me some paper towels, for when he…” the wife replied.

“Gotcha,” Janine said calmly.

Upon re-entering the room, Janine walked up to Natalie and handed her the towels, but then made sure to stand close as to get a good view.

“So are you getting your hair done today?” Natalie asked her friend, poking fun by trying to make a normal conversation while this little episode took place.

Kevin was moaning, and rocking back and forth as his wife stroked him. He couldn’t believe her behavior, but he was sure loving it.

“Ooo I think he likes us looking at his big prick,” Natalie said as she picked up the pace.

“He does have a nice dick, Natalie,” Janine replied, complimenting the woman for her man’s attributes.

Kevin could withstand no more, and began to come as the two women continued to speek. The first load was a nice one, shooting up and onto the floor a few feet in front of the crowd of three, and then a few more shots followed.

The women stopped chatting so they could fully enjoy the site, and then Janine commented jokingly “wow I sure know you a lot better now huh, Kev.”

“Ah, you’ve seen him come, no big deal,” Natalie fired back.

Finally, the tape that got this episode all started had been paused for over 20 minutes, and it finally started playing again, startling the three and forcing them to break up their little party.

Weeks went by until Kevin and Natalie fully spoke about the erotic incident that took place that morning. Natalie would sometimes jokingly put in the video tape her neighbor had given her and she and Kevin would get a good laugh.

The husband had also been amazed with Janine’s candid behavior at times. Once he and his beautiful wife had gone bowling one evening and asked Janine if she wanted to tag along.

When Kevin went up to the counter to rent a pair of size-10 shoes, Janine jokingly commented “I thought you were a size six? Oh, that’s your…”

Kevin would flush red with embarrassment, but also was savoring how much attention he got from his sexy female neighbor.

Kevin openly shared with his wife these little incidences of Janine’s surprising behavior, and it was one afternoon when Natalie had received an interesting email from her sexy friend.

After reading it, she wanted to share it.

“God, this explains a lot,” Natalie said.

Kevin walked over to the computer to read what his wife was talking about. It was an email from Janine, a rather lengthy email.

It read:

Natalie, please keep everything I share with you confidential.

My erotic fascination with seeing pictures of male nudes began at a very young age and my specific interest in cfnm blossomed when I had the good fortune to be a part of several different type cfnm activities, including mixed swimming and femdom, during my later years of adolesence.

Those experiences helped trigger my long time relentless pursuit of cfnm erotic material. I was interested in this scene long before I ever heard the terms cfnm or femdom.

I was raised by my step mom after my father died. She subscribed to Playgirl magazine so I had access to seeing pictures a nude males on a regular basis.

One day when I was 18 my step mom came into my room while I was looking at a new issue of Playgirl that had just arrived that day in the mail.

She sat down and talked to me about it, saying that it was perfectly natural and healthy for me to enjoy seeing nude males and that it was no different than boys being interested in seeing nude females and looking at magazines such as Playboy.

We had a frank relaxed discussion about men’s bodies, penises, erections, masterbation, male and female sexuality, differences and alikes, and contraception.

She said it was perfectly normal for a girl my age to masterbate and be sexually curious. She confided to me that she masterbated regularly herself and said a vibrator was an excellent instrument that could be used to achieve a number intensely pleasurable orgasms.

She said she would purchase a good one for me to have of my own. She did get me one and to be honest I used it most every day throughout my adolescent years, most of the time with me looking at the nude males in my step mom’s Playgirl magazines.

I was 18 when I attended my first male strip show, my first real CFNM experience.

My step mom and one of her female friends took me to a ladies only male strip club and I was fascinated and erotically enthralled to see all the male strippers strip totally naked, and I mean everything – their dicks, mostly fully erect swinging back and forth, up and down, and all over the place.

I enjoyed seeing all the nude male strippers, but was particularly fascinated and erotically drawn to one of the black strippers that had an unusually large schlong.

His dick was at least 10″ in length. I had already enjoyed seeing nude males, but since then have been especially fond of seeing males who are very well-endowed.

My step mom told me later that my enjoyment of seeing a male with a really big “pecker” is no different than men who enjoy seeing a woman with big “tits”. At some point in the evening my step mom said, “Watch this”.

She produced a wad of dollar bills and flashed it to one of the male strippers who was already nude. He walked over to my step mom and she wrapped a dollar bill around a garter he was wearing just above one of his knee caps.

When he bent over she took hold of his erect penis and slid his foreskin back and forth briskly a few times.

A few minutes later she gave me some $1’s and said it was my turn. I did the same as she had and the three of us did it a number of times until all her dollar bills were all gone.

Ever since then I have been a frequent patron of male strip shows, in fact a probably attended at least fifty of such shows before I was legally old enough to be in those adult establishments.

My step mom owned a large number and frequently rented adult videos. I watched as well. Her favorites were those of the female domination variety, ones which featured dominant clothed females humiliating, embarrassing, and physically disciplining nude males.

I liked watching all her adult videos but I began to find that I most enjoyed the female domination ones like she did.

I absolutely loved the idea of seeing nude males while being embarrassed and totally controlled by clothed women.

One evening my step mom and I was talking about the female domination videos and she began telling me how women had the power to control and manipulate men.

She said since I enjoyed seeing nude males so much while I remained clothed that I should learn how easily males could be manipulated to get them “bare-assed naked.”

She told me that she would demonstrate just how easy it was the next day when her nephew was going to be visiting.

The next day while her nephew who was my age was there, my step mom suggested that we all go for a swim. He said he hadn’t brought a swim suit.

My step mom acted like she didn’t hear him, instead quickly saying before we went swimming she wanted him to help her with a problem she was having with her sprinkler system.

She pointed to a particular sprinkler head in her back yard and asked that him get down and to adjust the nozzle. When he was on the ground she turned on the sprinkler system and his clothes got wet.

For the next ten minutes, my step mom and her nephew worked with the sprinkler head, trying to adjust the head. By the time he got it the way she wanted he was soaking wet and he had mud caked on his shoes, socks, pants, and his shirt.

She told him to go ahead and get out of those dirty clothes and that she would wash them while we swam. He repeated again that he had not brought a swim suit.

She told him that he wouldn’t need one and to go ahead and take off his clothes. He removed them reluctantly, finally standing there wearing nothing but his white cotton underwear.

She said he couldn’t wear those in the the pool and that she would go ahead and wash those too. He hesitated and said he was embarrassed.

She quickly told him to not be silly, saying when she was his age that all men swam nude.

When he still hesitated and became so obviously embarrassed she told him again to take them off, saying he didn’t have anything that we hadn’t seen before.

I watched curiously as he finally peeled off his underwear and was totally naked.

My step mom and I both were looking directly at his bared penis and this seemed to really intimidate and sexually humiliate him.

My step mom told him to go ahead and get in the pool and we would join him in a few minutes. She gathered up his wet clothes and took them into the laundry room and we went and donned our swim suits, quickly returning to join the naked young male who was already swimming in the pool.

For the next hour or so, we mostly watched him swim nude, joining him occasionally to swim ourselves.

There is no question that my strong erotic interest in seeing cfnm swimming activities was borne that afternoon when I got the fortunate opportunity to witness and participate in this visually entertaining activity.

When we finished swimming we dried ourselves with large beach towels, but my step mom stopped us when we went into the house, telling both her nephew and me to leave our wet towels outside.

Even though he had been naked for over an hour in our presence most of the time he had remained in the pool partially obstructing a clear view of his dork.

In the house he appeared very embarrassed again, especially when my step mom told him she had forgotten to start the washer.

She said she would start it then and his clothes would be ready soon. For some reason at this point he got a very intense erection which embarrassed the daylights out of him.

My step mom just looked at me and smiled, saying nothing to him at first.

He asked if she had a robe or something he could wear. She said to not worry, that we knew what a “hard-on” looked like, completely ignoring his request for a robe.

At this point his face turned crimson with embarrassment and humiliation. So he was forced to stand around gloriously naked with his dick exposed while the two of us watched.

About thirty minutes later my step mom went to the laundry room, but returned without his clothes.

She informed him that she had been concerned that the grass stains in his tennis shoes might not come out if left too long so she had washed them first.

She said the stains had not completely come out so she was running them through another cycle. I can still recall the dejected and embarrassed look on his face when he heard his words.

After putting his shoes through a second wash cycle, she finally washed his clothes. By the time his clothes finally went through the clothes dryer cycle, almost three hours had passed with the young male remaining naked the whole time.

As he was waiting impatiently and nervously for his clothes to dry he would at times have a very intense erection, so intense it would stand upward.

Because of his embarrassment, I suspect, he would lose some of his erection and become only partially erect.

He had a long string of pre-cum dangling six inches from the tip of his penis even when he finally became totally flaccid. I learned that day that males can actually remain sexually excited without having an erection.

I think these sudden losses of erections was caused by his acute embarrassment which apparently rendered him temporarily impotent.

After her nephew left that evening we discussed again the subject of how a woman could manipulate and control the male.

I had been so impressed with the ease and comfort at which she had orchastrated her nephew’s prolonged nudity and in a way that seemed so natural.

She encouraged me to pursue the types of things I find erotically appealing and said she would support my efforts if I liked.

I told her I would like to personally take photographs of nude males, attend a beach where many males were nude, and I would like for her to continue take me to male strip clubs very often until I was old enough to go on my own.

She did just that, taking me to male strip clubs about two or three times a month all the time I was in high school.

My step mom said she saw no reason why I shouldn’t be able to enjoy seeing such shows. Of course, she didn’t get any argument from me.

I have always admired my step mom. I have spoke of her in the past tense as the things I have mentioned happened many years ago, but she is very much alive and well.

Unfortunately she lives many states away and I don’t get to see her that often, but we still talk on the phone regularly. After my father died when I was 10, she raised me, with just her and me in the household.

She always was very supportive of me, my educational endeavours and social activities, and she encouraged me to explore my sexuality and pursue the things I wanted without regard to what others might think.

And when she learned I had the same voyeuristic tendencies and erotic interests she afforded me ample opportunities to experience everything I wanted and I really appreciated her for that.

She never once suggested I was too young to be involved in any sexual activities, instead encouraging me to embrace her own liberal attitudes about sex.

My step mom was a fiercely independent women, financially secure and wanted only the very best for me.

She was and still is a beautiful lady, in fact when she was younger she had modelled lingerie part time while attending graduate school.

She had strong feminist convictions and was very active in the practice of female supremacy, better known in the pornographic community as femdom.

She had certain phrases that I heard her repeat many, many times.

Some examples are “The female is ready when she is ready, but the male must be ready at all times”, “True feminine wisdom lies in our manipulation of the male without his realisation of that fact”, and “Males think with their dicks so we must train their dicks to think like us”.

For my step mom, her practice of female supremacy was just as much of a political statement as it was her sexual preference.

She firmly believed that her feminist beliefs and female supremaciast principles should be taught to young males before reaching adulthood.

Some of the phrases she frequently said were “Boys must be taught to obey and made to suffer the consequences when they fail”, “Women toilet train boys as toddlers and we should ‘peter train’ them when they begin “coming-of-age”, and her favorite “That boy (talking about a particular young male she was referring to at the time) doesn’t deserve to wear clothes.”

As mentioned before the night my step mom forced her 18-year-old nephew to strip buck naked for my visual entertainment we discussed what had taken place that day.

She asked if I had enjoyed the experience and I said I had very much so.

One of the things I really appreciate about my step mom is her honesty.

She said that she enjoyed the incident just as much as I did. She told me that she enjoyed practising female domination ( she called it female supremacy) of males using many of the same techniques and bondage and discipline instruments that I had seen so many times in her female domination videos.

I was utterly fascinated with the idea of really doing that to males and she sensed my interest. She asked me if I thought I would like to watch and participate along with her.

I jumped at the chance, becoming sexually aroused just at the thought of it. She explained that there are three ways to dominate a male.

The first is to sexually humiliate them like we had done to her nephew that day. The second is to verbally intimidate them.

And the last way to dominate males is to physically discipline them, she said. She then really surprised me when she said her nephew was probably an ideal candidate for me to learn what she called the “big three” ways to dominate the male, embarrassment and humiliation, verbal intimidation, and physical discipline.

I remember asking her how in the world could we arrange for that to happen and she just smiled and said to leave that up to her.

That Saturday morning her sister and her son came to our house and had lunch. While the four of us were at the table my step mom announced to her sister, “Janine and I had a nice swim this week with Junior, didn’t we”, she asked, looking directly at her nephew? His face immediately turned crimson red.

He was very embarrassed, lowering his eyes, and finally acknowledging her with a slight nod. “That’s nice”, his mother replied.

My step mom then said, “Why don’t don’t you let Junior stay over tonight while you visit Beth (a friend that lived about 100 miles away), and we can swim this afternoon and tomorrow? Her sister quickly responded, “Oh, would you mind, that would be great? I know Junior would just be bored coming along with me to Beth’s”.

The three of us turned to the boy who appeared so nervous that he literally couldn’t say a word. “Fine, it is all set”, my step mom said when he hesitated to speak.

A few minutes after my step mom’s sister left she whispered to me to go change into my swim suit and she did the same.

Moments later we came out and she said to her nephew, “Come on, it’s time to go swimming”. Her nephew sheepishly said, as he had before, that he hadn’t brought his swim suit. “I know” she said matter of factly.

When he just stood there becoming increasingly embarrassed, she frowned at him and said, “We’re not going to have to go through that again are we”, making it clear to him she expected him to strip naked right there.

And so he did. He took off his clothes, and upon taking off his underwear his dork flopped right into our view. I made it no secret that I was staring right at it, and I wanted him to know I was looking right at it. I particularly liked the way it just flopped right out, and when he would walk it would sway back and forth along with his balls. We watched him swim nude for about two hours, and I just sat on the edge of the pool in my one-piece suit, my legs hanging lazily into the water.

As I mentioned before my step mom was and still is a avowed feminist and female supremaciast. She loved practising her beliefs in what is called femdom in the porn world.

But her world was a real one and she did what she wanted and when she wanted.

There is no question that her nephew bore the full brunt of her sexual dominance philosophies and actual practices that summer. I was a young girl and still somewhat naive.

I enjoyed the activities we did with her nephew that summer (and all my other involvenments with my step mom’s male friends) and I learned first hand how sexually embarrassing a male can be erotically arousing for the female dominating the male.

Power by a clothed individual over the unclothed opposite sex can be a powerful aphrodisiac for women like my step mom and me.

When I was 19, my step mom hired a male model for me to satisfy my desire to photograph a nude male. He was a young college student around 18 or 19 who modelled part time.

My step mom assisted, but I took all the pictures that first day in a posing session where my model was nude for several hours.

I took pictures of him with and without erections. The first boy friend I ever photographed nude was when I was 19. He was 19 as well and my step mom watched on several occasions.

My boyfriend was pretty relaxed being nude in my presence, but he was a little embarrassed about posing nude before my step mom.

That boyfriend had a pretty big penis, a fact my step mom and I definitely noticed and visually appreciated. She believed that the male body was to be visually enjoyed and that women had ever right to do just that.

You would have to know my step mom, but she had a way of handling such things with ease and sophisticated charm.

When I was 20, I had another boyfriend who both of us photographed nude. He was either 18 or 19, if I recall correctly. My step mom assisted me with at least one other boy friend as well and I have enjoyed taking pictures of nude males most of my adult life.

My step mom hosted a number of cfnm parties, usually a handful of female friends and a handful of young adult males.

I don’t specifically recall her nephew being at any of these cfnm parties, but there were times that boys as young as 18 were at her cfnm parties. She called the young males her “boy toys” or “servant boys.”

I can tell you with absolute certainity that she didn’t treat the younger males any differently than she did the adult males who attended and performed at her cfnm parties.

For me, I enjoyed seeing nude boys my age, and the older ones too. I wasn’t picky about their ages. The younger males tended to have more erections however, for sure.

All through college I was actively involved in femdom experiences with many males my step mom brought into our home.

She loved practising femdom with males of all ages, and I was involved with most all of them. She did it for the sheer erotic enjoyment of it and I shared her enjoyment as well.

She had some older males, but she mostly had males who were much younger than herself. She loved sexually dominating the younger guys, mostly young adult males and legal teenage boys.

She often said that younger males had better looking bodies and that part of the femdom experience was voyeuristically enjoying seeing nude males.

So that is how I came to get into this cfnm thing in such a big way. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a “voyeuristically rich” household which I enjoyed so much.

I experienced more cfnm experiences as an adolescent girl than most women do in a lifetime, thanks to a step mom I so dearly admire and respect.

I know my experiences were very unusual, especially for a girl my age, but I consider myself fortunate for having experienced everything I did. And, as they say, “the truth can be stranger than fiction.”

Let me know your thoughts.


Barely able to recover from reading the explicit email, Kevin was startled by his wife’s idea.

“Tomorrow, I want you to help Janine with some chores over her house,” she announced. “I will help you pick out something to wear.”

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